Showroom of the month

Showroom of the month, BK Nolte Contracts, Westminster, London

BK Nolte’s specification showroom in London demonstrates the company’s commitment to the buoyant contract market.

The showroom was designed to provide BK Nolte Contracts’ developer, interior design and architect customers with a space in which they, and their clients, can get a real understanding of the product range and services available for their projects.

“We work with the country’s leading house builders and developers and have supplied kitchens and bedrooms to some of the country’s most prestigious sites,” explains Group BK chairman, Bob Ruler.
“We aim to be the first choice for contract kitchens and bedrooms nationwide.

“The Westminster showroom was opened to provide a facility for our London-based clients. It is aimed primarily at the developer, architect and interior designer sectors, providing them with a relaxing environment to familiarise themselves with the Nolte product.

“Our customers are invited to accompany their own clients to the showroom, where they can see and feel the quality of the Nolte product and have a true ‘hands-on’ experience.”

So, has the investment in a contract showroom had a positive impact on business? Absolutely, according to Ruler, as the company’s contract business has increased by 20% since the launch of the showroom just under 12 months ago.

“The significant increase in our contract business is hugely due to us now having a showroom presence in London,” Ruler adds. “The facility has allowed us to be more proactive in the house-building sector.

“We’ve also seen an increase in developers actively sourcing the Nolte product as they become more aware of the brand, the services offered by BK Nolte Contracts and how, together, we can enhance their projects and developments.”

The 295sq metre showroom features nine individual kitchen displays, each of which has been designed around texture, colour and style and are said to “demonstrate the versatility of Nolte’s core product range”.

“The displays have been planned to reflect current trends in kitchen design,” explains showroom manager, Giang Nguyen. “So, wood decors and veneers, matt and high-gloss finishes, cement, stone, concrete and leather together with glass and rustic timber, feature prominently throughout the showroom.”

According to Nguyen, each display represents a fully functioning, real-life kitchen environment and demonstrates ideas suitable for anything from a small apartment to a large, open-plan kitchen.

“Open-plan living is implemented by house builders in the majority of new-build properties,” Nguyen adds. “Therefore, it is important that this trend is reflected in the showroom.”

To encourage its developer, architect and interior design customers to use the facility as a place to bring their clients, the design team have deliberately included a number of dedicated areas around the showroom where they can sit down and discuss design options and create plans together.

“We regularly hold ‘one-to-one’ showroom walkabouts and product demonstrations for developers, architects and designers,” Nguyen says. “Our one-to-one demonstrations enable us to spend more time with clients to ensure they take away as much product knowledge as possible.”

The showroom reflects the latest trends in kitchen design as well as showcasing what is most popular among its architect and design clients. The layout allows visitors to walk easily between displays and take in the unique style and design elements of each.

Each display represents a fully-functioning, real-life kitchen environment and demonstrates ideas suitable for anything from a small apartment to a large, open-plan kitchen.

Taking into account the commercial constraints on contract projects, Nolte Küchen has launched faux alternatives for customers who appreciate a realistic finish but don’t necessarily have the budget for them. The Nappa collection, featured in this image, includes a realistic, faux-leather finish on the island unit.

This 4m x 2m digital screen, situated at the front of the showroom, is updated regularly throughout the day. It highlights the Nolte Küchen product portfolio, through lifestyle imagery, together with a corporate video and real-time social media activity.