Supplier spotlight: Arcelik

Here our suppliers Arҫelik explain how they are meeting and exceeding the exacting needs of today’s consumers:

Kitchens are evolving and changing all the time. They’re no longer simply a place just to prepare food, they’re now the hub of the home. Everything from entertaining to chilling-out is now possible in these open and ‘broken-plan’ spaces. Appliance design has undoubtedly had to evolve over the past few years to respond to this new style of living. At Beko Plc we’re committed to ensuring all of our partners have an innovative yet stylish selection to suit their client’s needs.

Our portfolio of appliance brands includes, but is not limited to, Grundig a premium, beautifully designed collection of products with sustainable and state-of-the-art technology and Beko, one of the UK’s best-selling large home appliance brands. With products to suit every budget and requirement, we offer a solution for anyone designing their dream kitchen. A few of our hero products are:

Grundig GNV41922 Built-in Full Size 6L Dishwasher
The Grundig GNV41922 Built-in Full Size 6L Dishwasher is the perfect addition to a modern kitchen. Its whisper quiet at just 44dB, making it ideal for open-plan living, you won’t even notice it’s running. We’ve added an indicator light that appears as a tiny dot on the floor beneath the model, letting you know when the programme is finished, eliminating that moment when you try and open the machine too soon.

The intuitive Auto Programme senses the level of dirt on each load, and then automatically detects the best and most efficient cycle for you. There are nine different programmes to choose from including Glass Care and Steam Shine to deliver a perfect finish every time. There’s also a Quick Wash cleaning up to 13 place settings in just 58 minutes. Ideal for those who love to entertain friends, our Grundig GNV41922 ensures dinner parties are tidied away promptly and quietly.

It’s not just time efficient, you won’t find a dishwasher on the market that uses less water to clean a full load than the Grundig GNV41922. It uses as little as six litres, to clean a full load and has an A++ energy rating. Over a year, this Grundig dishwasher could save 1120 litres, compared to a 10 litre model, based on 280 washes a year (280 washes per year is the EU standard for energy labelling calculations).

Beko BVM34400BC Split & Cook Oven
We monitor trends so that we can ensure we’re delivering appliance solutions that not only look good, but exceed customers’ needs and expectations. Last year sales of single ovens were rising compared to double ovens, however, we know that capacity is key, especially as house sizes get smaller. Above all else, we know and respond to home owners seeking value for money, products that look good and cater to their busy lifestyles.

We’ve responded to the demand for single ovens by introducing new and innovative technology which allows people to use their single oven as a double oven. Our Beko Split & Cook Oven BVM34400BC can be divided in half with a special internal divider that creates two separate oven cavities. This means each ‘half’ can be programmed to a different temperature so you can cook two different dishes simultaneously. It’s great for families preparing different dishes for the kids, or those wanting to save on their bills by using just half the oven at a time. It also has a catalytic back wall for easy and efficient cleaning.

Beko BCB7030F Built in Frost Free Fridge Freezer with Active Fresh Blue Light Technology
Built-in appliances are always popular with those looking to design or re-vamp an open-plan kitchen. If space is an issue, you might find customers coming to you for ideas on how to create a slick, clean and modern look without investing in an American Style Fridge Freezer. Our Beko BCB7030F Built in Frost Free Fridge Freezer with Active Fresh Blue Light Technology offers cutting-edge technology bound to appeal to those looking to save time and reduce their bills.

Equipped with Blue LED lights in the crisper drawer, fruit and vegetables stay fresher for longer. The blue light helps to preserve both the taste and vitamin C content so salads will taste crisp and fresh for longer. This is a new feature for our fridge freezers, and one which sales staff can use to emphasise that compromises don’t need to be made when picking an integrated fridge freezer. This model is also Frost Free, which means there’s no need to manually defrost it. Although it may seem like an obvious benefit to those in the industry, many customers are unaware this is an option, so it’s well worth mentioning.

All Grundig, Blomberg, Leisure, Flavel and Beko refrigeration products adhere to, and exceed, all relevant UK and European safety standards.

Established in the UK in 1990, Beko plc is a subsidiary of large multinational group – KOÇ Holdings and the Arҫelik Group. KOÇ Holdings is ranked as one of the top 350 companies in the world whilst Arçelik, the parent company of Beko, is the second largest company in the home appliances industry in Europe. The group has over 50 years’ experience manufacturing home appliances and televisions. In the UK Beko Plc encompasses five brands; Beko, Grundig, Leisure, Blomberg and Flavel. All large and small appliances are available to housebuilders, architects and kitchen specifiers. Find out more here: or contact John Grimes, Contract Sales Manager, North, [email protected] or 07825 570 352