Supplier spotlight: Spekva

Danish company Spekva, first started producing solid wood surfaces in 1969. Now, as they approach their 50th anniversary, they have become one of the largest solid wood worktop manufacturers in Scandinavia, supplying a premium product to most countries in Europe, North America and parts of the Arab States.

Spekva pride themselves on unique design, a quality tailor-made product and producing items of the very finest quality created from hand-selected wood. Employing 75 highly skilled craftsmen and women, the average length of service for the company is approximately 14 years. The dedication and experience between all these hands and eyes is very evident in what Spekva produce and is an invaluable attribute to the company.

“Designed by Nature, Crafted by Hand”

Every individual stave/plank of solid wood is hand selected before the surface is formed using Spekva’s own tongue and groove method. This ensures that the same consistency of woodgrain and colour tone is used throughout the project and that every single item is totally unique. Each creation is subjected to nine different production stages, all of which are quality checked to ensure that only the very best is delivered and befitting the company’s 30-year guarantee.

All items are tailor-made to suit individual designs. If Spekva are unable to manufacture specific items due to unusual limitations, then they will advise accordingly and work with the client to reach their ultimate goal. This concept broadens the designers’ scope and allows them to create more unique ideas and products such as wall cladding, breakfast bars, dining tables and other items of furniture, which of course includes solid wood worktops.

“Spekva’s new Bow-Wrap Bartop design”

The simplicity and attention to detail in the Bow-Wrap Bartop design is exceptional. The visual impact created by the thick curved front edge delivers the perfect statement whilst being subtle enough not to detract from the outstanding craftsmanship. This innovative design is available in many different thicknesses using combinations of 20mm, 30mm or 40mm thick staves of solid wood to suit whatever work surface it can wrap around. It is available in all Spekva’s various timber types, river washed and sand blasted to incorporate the much in-trend surface texture and is offered in all Spekva’s coloured luxury oil treatments too.