Tech in the kitchen

An innovative combination of technology and living space was evident in Nolte Kitchens partnership with Sony Mobile at LivingKitchen, Cologne. The exclusive presentation of the Xperia Projector received lots of attention and put further emphasis on Nolte Kitchens’ motto, “Living in the kitchen”. Various everyday scenarios on the Nolte Kitchens’ stand illustrated how this unique smart product can transform the kitchen habitat by providing a totally new way to communicate and interact.

Nolte Kitchens’ marketing director, Axel Brinkmann is delighted by the special collaboration with Sony, “We see each other as optimal partners for a somewhat different approach to the theme of smart living. Nolte Kitchens stands for life in the kitchen and Sony develops innovative technologies that put life into the focal point. We’re a perfect match.”

The Xperia Projector is an autonomous device equipped with the Android operating system and combines the functions of a projector with those of a tablet computer. It projects a virtual touch display onto the worktop, wall or table so that families can sit together to coordinate their schedules and calendars, look at pictures or videos of special moments, or even shop on the internet.

The Xperia Projector is compatible with many different apps so the Projector can create totally new interactive experiences, e.g. gaming, cooking, travel planning or enjoying music together.

Sony Mobile plans to bring the globally unprecedented Xperia Projector onto the market in 2017. The date of market entry and the recommended retail price have not yet been determined.

Nolte Kitchens showcased an innovative ceramic worktop featuring an invisibly integrated induction hob at the recent LivingKitchen exhibition in Cologne. The hob was used live at the exhibition for catering purposes which attracted lots of interest and attention from visitors to the Nolte Kitchens’ stand.

The unique worktop provides the ultimate in minimalist design. The robust construction allows the ‘hob’ area to be a multi-purpose zone, suitable for many different purposes other than cooking.

The product has been added to the Nolte Kitchens’ portfolio and will become available later in the year. We will be releasing more information in due course. Watch this space!