A Kitchen to Katmandu

 A message from Harry Ruler: Operations Co-ordinator BK Nolte Contracts.

I am supplying a kitchen for a friend of mine called Bryan who works for The Derwen College in Oswestry, a local, long-term residential college for the disabled.

He has been doing charity work in Nepal for the children who work on the Brick Fields in Nepal. Whilst in Nepal he visited the only School in Kathmandu for children with Cerebral Palsy.

To cut a long story short he wanted to do his bit to help these children and seeing the way of life for them in Nepal was a real eye opener. I have attached two photos just to give an idea of the kitchen they currently have to feed the school of over 50 children. Not ideal.

BK Nolte Contracts have supplied a kitchen and the appliances which we are shipping to Kathmandu Airport. The only issue is, this comes at a huge cost.

Bryan is currently fundraising to cover the cost for the transportation. He has currently raised £648 on his own. But he needs more. He has arranged a charity night on Thursday 6th July at the Saith Seren Pub in Wrexham if anyone would like to take part in a quiz and have a beer or two. All proceeds from the night will go toward this project.

I know what kind hearted people we have as friends. If you feel you would like to help us get a Kitchen to Kathmandu please use the link below.


Please finish your donation with BKNC so we can see how much we have raised. Thank you for reading and understanding.