Customer care

Ali Humphries – Customer Services Manager

What is your background and how long have you worked at BK Nolte Contracts?
Having worked in various office management positions since leaving university, I fancied a change and joined BK Nolte Contracts as a Customer Services Advisor in May 2016. I was quite quickly promoted to Customer Service Manager and I’m now coming up to two years with the company – I love it!

Talk us through a typical working day (if there is such a thing!!)
No two days have been the same yet in the Customer Service department. We like to think of ourselves as the fire fighters of the company – if you need something sorting, we’re your ladies! We deal with all remedial orders, delivery enquiries, defect notices, site variation orders, magic man services, fitter queries and general customer enquiries. Our days require a lot of phone calls, e-mails and conversations with all sorts of different people. There’s rarely a ‘quiet’ day in the Customer Services department but we always make sure we have a smile on our faces.

Are most queries/complaints easily dealt with?
The nature of our department means most things that we come across are quite complex. However, we pride ourselves in ensuring that all queries are dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible. We have recently implemented a new CRM system which helps us manage all remedial orders and defect notices. The system will probably be implemented across the company as a data management service but Customer Services was the first department to get involved – and we do like to get involved! It has been in place now approximately six months and has really helped strengthen our team and maximise our time.

How could contract clients make your life a little bit easier?
Communication is key to success with Customer Services. We like to establish a good rapport with all our regular contacts. Life is always easier when we have all the information needed from the earliest possible timeframe. This makes sure orders or appointments are completed without unnecessary delay.

What would you consider the most difficult/easy part of your job?
Many aspects of our department depend on other people. Unfortunately, sometimes this means we can’t complete what we set out to accomplish due to factors beyond our control i.e. customers are not available so appointments have to be re-booked. This can be very frustrating but that’s just real life, things don’t always go as planned!

The easiest part of my job is talking to people, it’s something that comes naturally to me. The rest of the office personnel probably get a headache but Customer Services are never quiet.

Any funny moments that you would like to share?
It’s no secret that the ladies in Customer Services work hard and play hard and we do love the odd beverage (or two!). We were at Bangor Races last year at one of BK Nolte Contracts’ social events. It was a particularly fun occasion when we all well and truly let our hair down. After three bottles of wine each I’m fairly sure there were lots of funny moments but none that any of us can remember!!