BKNC Young Employee Blog – Meet Tomos 

BKNC work with the Welsh Government on their kickstart funded scheme to help create job placements for young people between ages 16-25.

Meet Tomos, BKNC’s Showroom Assistant.

1. How did you find the opportunity at BKNC ?

I found the opportunity incredibly enjoyable and much more educational than I could have ever expected. I found the opportunity very enjoyable because of the supportive environment which allowed me to learn without being fearful of failure. It’s also hard to fear failure when you have sufficient training as it gives you the confidence to complete whatever tasks are put in front of you.

2. What were you aiming to gain from a Kick Start Placement ?

From the Kickstarter scheme I was hoping to find employment in a growing business with new opportunities and that is exactly what I found at BKNC. A big aspect of the Kickstarter scheme for me was ensuring that even if I was only kept on for the duration of my initial 6-month contract that I could leave with more knowledge and experience than when I came. Fortunately, my contract was extended but I can say with certainty that I’m much more knowledgeable and experienced now than when I first came to BKNC.

 3. What job roles and training have you completed whilst at BKNC?

One of the best things about my time in BKNC has been the range of job roles I have completed. I initially dealt with marketing material and queries for the sales team before I was trained in design and sales and moved into the Wrexham showroom which was a phenomenal opportunity for a 19-year-old. I now deal with customer extras to improve my design and technical knowledge which is another example of BKNC acknowledging my ability and providing sufficient training to give me the necessary skills to complete my job.

4. What are your future aspirations within BKNC ?

It’s a difficult question to answer because there are so many opportunities within the company. I have been trained in design, sales and now aftersales so there are several different avenues that I could pursue. I also look to my colleagues, some of which started as delivery drivers and are now operations administrators and others who have worked in design, the showroom, operations and are now working in customer service. BKNC are open to training employees to work in new positions which gives employees the ability to dream of working in any department and it gives BKNC a workforce trained beyond their current job title which makes internal operations run much more smoothly.

5. Would you recommend friends in taking up a similar opportunity ?

Definitely. I initially had some hesitation about this opportunity as I feared it may be one of those positions where you are just asked to make everyone tea and do the photocopying etc but BKNC showed me so much respect and gave me genuine opportunities to complete real work. This opportunity and experience has been nothing short of amazing with so many moments of happiness and smiles alongside huge amounts of learning and professional growth. This is an experience that I would recommend to anyone and everyone, but not everyone is as fortunate as me to end up at a company as welcoming and supportive as BKNC.

6. What have you learnt whilst here at BKNC ?

Where do I start? I have learnt huge amounts from my relatively short time in BKNC, from interpersonal skills to writing skills I’ve learnt so much. My design skills have improved as a result of BKNC sourcing and funding an external course to train me in how to design kitchens. My interpersonal and sales skills have also improved a lot as a result of dealing with customers in the showroom. Other generic skills such as phone, email and writing skills have also improved a lot through using them every day.

7. What your favourite kitchen range or accessory ?

After moving into a sales position in the showroom I developed a strong knowledge of kitchens and the many components of them so there are so many things that come to mind, but my favourite component would have to be the Quooker 5 in 1 boiling tap. Having sparkling, boiling, filtered + chilled, cold, and hot water all instantly accessible from the same tap still amazes me. It’s my favourite not only because of how amazing it is from a functional perspective, but also because the filtered and chilled water is by the far the nicest water I have ever tasted. A few special mentions would have to be the fingerprint resistant kitchen units, downdraft extractor and magnetic kitchen units.

8. What do you think will be the kitchen trend in 2030 ?

I think artificial intelligence will be something that will become a common practice in kitchens. Having the ability to walk into the kitchen and say ‘Alexa, turn the oven to 180 degrees’ or ‘Alexa, open the bread cupboard’ will become an irresistible feature for customers purchasing a new kitchen. 2030 may be a bit soon for artificial intelligence to really take hold within the kitchen market as we are reliant on the technology progressing and then social attitudes also changing so it may be closer to 2040. Another trend will be environmentally friendly kitchens as consumers are becoming more conscious of their impact on the environment but BKNC are already leading the way with this and sell completely carbon neutral kitchens.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time ?

I aspire to start my own business and would love to be running my own company in 5 years but I could also see myself still at BKNC. There are so many development opportunities and the workplace is such a welcoming and enjoyable place it is difficult to visualise myself anywhere else. Wherever I end up in 5 years’ time I’m sure if I’m still at BKNC I’ll have utilized one of the many opportunities available to me or if I have moved onto my own business, I will be using the skills that BKNC has taught me.