Carbon Neutral Kitchens

We are serious about producing Sustainable Kitchens

Choosing to play our part in producing wholly sustainable kitchens is a key driver for everyone at BKNC and Keller. Something we take very seriously.

Our Keller kitchens have been manufactured by Carbon Neutral means since April 2017 and 2022 marks a major milestone for our offer. Keller kitchens will become Carbon Negative. Keller aim to lead the way in offering kitchens produced by the most sustainable means possible.

Steps taken to become Carbon Neutral

  • Ensuring that optimal life cycle is the first thought in everything we do – end to end.
  • Opening a brand new factory in 2015 built from the ground up. The most modern kitchen factory in the world.
  • Employing every piece of advanced technology within the factory, with the view to being the most energy efficient producer of kitchens in the world.
  • Generating our own electricity from over 8,000 solar panels on our factory roof covering over 15,000sq metres. The area of 2.5 full sized football pitches, generating enough energy to power 950 homes.
  • Investing in wind farms and reforestation projects.
  • Only sourcing materials from renewable and sustainable sources such as FSC regulated woods and panels.
  • High tech inhouse lacquer plant using only water based lacquers, paints and stains.
  • Laser edging of all doors and panels. This negates the use of glues and substances harmful to the environment while producing a better product that stops moisture ingress, the enemy of any kitchen. With laser edging the edge actually becomes integral to the door or carcass creating a perfect seal.
  • Robotic warehouses ensuring that every piece of material possible is used for production – minimising waste.
  • Biomass plant that generates heat and electricity for the factory using only sawdust and scraps of material that can’t be used in production.
  • All packaging comes from recycled sources.
  • Using Eco Friendly transportation means.

And becoming Carbon Negative

  • In April 2020 we embarked upon the next step of our sustainability programme – we began a programme of Carbon Capture with an integrated Carbon Farming Programme.
  • Working with our sustainability partners we now extract Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere in key sites in the vicinity of our factory. This CO2 is then processed and ultimately stored back into farmland soils where carbon chains are created meaning CO2 is stored safely again back in the earth.
  • This process provides benefits in farm production and will remove the CO2 equivalent of 70,000 kitchens produced by a normal kitchen manufacturer over the next few years.

Making the science

  • Working in partnership with a major university we are pioneering the production of panels used in kitchen production from grass.
  • Already we have produced prototype kitchens whereby the kitchen is wholly recyclable or if necessary bio-degradable.

The future

  • We will constantly strive to be ahead of the sustainability game and employ the technology and science available to achieve our goals.

If you would like to know more about Carbon Neutral/Negative Kitchens and how we can help we can help reduce your Carbon Status contact us today.

The future of kitchens is right here with Keller.